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Friday, January 30, 2009

Arabian Dreams

As the wind blew threw her tangles, there was no doubt that she had her nerves fine-tuned for even the slightest of sounds. One quick wisp of mane courageously blew against her cheek, catching her eye barely a moment before she snapped her teeth at it in defense. Just as quickly, her thick Arabian tail flew up prominently, like a flag waving her declaration of spirit.

With her head artistically raised, nostrils flared, her features refined--poignant even, there was no question that the spirit within was barely being contained by her majestically contoured figure. Legs straight as a drawing, back almost as level as a carpenter’s tool, her neck poised and arched high, appearing nothing short of regal next to her beautifully dished-in face. As her eye gazed back at me, I almost had to lean forward against the nearly tangible energy.

Immediately, I knew today I was not the teacher, but the student. Now, I need only wait for my lesson plan to be laid in front of me. The only question not left to be answered was what the final lesson would be: patience.

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