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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Just some random thoughts.

Recently, one of my friends in Wyoming emailed me, because one of her friends (who happens to live close to me) is feeling a lot of financial pressure, and she's afraid she won't be able to keep her horses. However, apparently, she doesn't want to sell them, because she just can't stand the thought of never being with them again. Of course, I totally and completely understand where she is coming from, so, I offered to take them from her as a kind of "temporary rescue" basis. Then, if she is able to get back on her financial feet, she can have them back.

The fact that the economy is low right now does not mean it will still be so in two more years. So, instead of losing our minds and acting out of fear, we need to get a grip and start planning for the future. I mean, there are so many ways to creatively make due until the economy perks back up.

For instance, if someone has only a couple of horses on a large ground of pasture, lease a large part of the pasture to a cattle rancher. With the economy down, the cost of feed and bales seems a little more hefty, and having more area to free-range cows means the farmer doesn't have to sell cattle to keep them all fed. So, keep the quid pro quo (this for that) necessity in mind, and lease the other part of your pasture for a lower cost than normal. Not only will you help someone else out, you can also ask for just enough to ensure you're able to keep your horses. You know what I mean?

Granted, this isn't a feasible fix for everybody, but there are so many options people have before they have to get drastic. See a horse on the side of the road that seems starved in the pasture, well, you can't trespass and feed the poor thing, but nothing is stopping you from driving up to the farm house, knocking on the door, and saying something like, "Hey, I actually have too many bales right now. Is there any chance you'd want some? I could just throw them in for your horses for free. You'd be doing me a favor, because I just don't have the room for them." This offers help to the horse without accusing the owner of neglect or asking if they could use a hand-out.

If everyone would just pull together for once, or just a lot of people would pull together, I think we could get out of this economic low with less damage.

I don't know. Maybe I'm just all sorts of messed up. Who knows.


  1. Just too many horses looking for homes these days. I'm maxed out and it kills me to say no when they come calling, but I can't jeopardize the ones I have.

    I sure hope things turn around soon. I have two that are ready for new homes but none available. Until I place the healthy ones I can't help more.

  2. I hear ya! We've already had two blizzards in this area, and more and more horses are popping up for sale. Normally, we see 1-2 horses go up for sale a month here, and now it's increased to about 10/week. Even with people selling them at "Christmas gift" prices (meaning they need something, but they're too desperate to push the issue), I can't take them all in.

    This is just horrible. :(